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PetGroomer.com Banner and Magazine Advertising Since 1997

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Since 1997 we have been a leading resource for industry information and services for pet groomers, stylists and career seekers. With over 55 years of field experience our goal is to provide a broad foundation of grooming industry knowledge and unlimited resources to learn more. No other grooming site offers so many free services and extensive help for career seekers and grooming employers.

We are the proud recipient of a Barkleigh Honors 2011 award, and encourage you to visit their several websites, click here. We have free inexpensive services for your career and grooming business. Over 400,000 help wanted, buy and sell ads have been published in the PetGroomer.com Classified Ads. GroomerTALK Community has over 24,000 registered members and many thousands more guests discussing everything pet grooming including schools, home study, manufacturers, suppliers, books, streaming media, DVDs, trade shows and plenty of laughs. Over 25,000 subscribers read our PetGroomer.com eMagazine.

Whether you groom in pet stores, salons, shops, homes or mobile grooming vehicles we all share the love of pets and style. Enjoy your visit here and participate as we lift the professional recognition of the pet grooming industry to new levels! Plan to come back often. Join over 25,000 subscribers and read our free PetGroomer.com Magazine online. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates.

Several of our websites are now mobile device friendly and all of them will be at some point in 2017. Pardon our dust during updates. PetGroomer.com publishes other grooming websites to assist you:

PetGroomerAds.com    DrivenToGroom.com    PetGroomerForums.com    GroomWise.com    PetGroomerMagazine.com    FindAGroomer.com

Advertising Help: 1-800-556-5131   360-446-5348    findagroomer@earthlink.net

PetGroomer.com Banner and Magazine Advertising Since 1997

Your Advertising Placed on Up to SEVEN Websites
www.PetGroomer.com is Primarily Our Landing Portal Site Now

PetGroomerAds.com    DrivenToGroom.com    PetGroomerForums.com    GroomWise.com    PetGroomerMagazine.com    FindAGroomer.com


In 2016-7 several PetGroomer.com sites (we are actually 8 integrated web sites) are being updated. We are over 80% complete with the debut of the most unique grooming industry site. We should be done by March 1, 2017 and at the same time should premiere the PetGroomer.com Mobile APP too. At that time nearly all pages (outside of the forums) will list all of sponsors. Does any other grooming site offer you that? Now our always busy Classified Ads site is being remodeled with similar intention. READ MORE BELOW.

 Who are we?

Our founder is Madeline Bright Ogle. She entered in the industry in 1961 and established one of the world's largest and profitable grooming business in California. She went on to write the classic business book From Problems to Profits: The Madson Management System with her son, Stephen who is also Webmaster of PetGroomer.com. We are the leading consultants on the business side of grooming and offer the complete Grooming Business in a Box product line and services. As you can see we have over 54 years of industry experience. We know grooming and are sensitive to making it easier for thousands of career seekers to enter this industry as well as serving the interests for information of advanced groomers.

When you advertise at PetGroomer.com you get way more than banner advertising, and it's usually at no extra charge!

Since 1997 we have offered banner advertising, but in 2011 we added a dynamic online magazine with FREE or extremely affordable display ads for sponsors only. Today we have over 25,000 subscribers. Therefore, when you advertise at PetGroomer.com not only do we offer banner ad displays, but promotion with display ads in PetGroomer.com Magazine (formerly titled eGroomer Journal). On May 10, 2015 we debuted a new website for the online magazine, and we believe it sets a new standard for grooming information sites. It gets better! As part of the redesign the new site provides a link to every sponsor's website! You cannot be easily missed by our visitors. Does any other grooming information site do this? Please view the most unique website in grooming as part of considering PetGroomer.com for your advertising. CLICK HERE

Besides 25,000 eMagazine subscribers,
we have over 24,000+ members of GroomerTALK℠ Community.

Back in the Nineties we were one of the first Internet communities dedicated to pet grooming. Today we are still prospering. While there are many Facebook Groups, our community uses Facebook Connect making it very easy for our members to share discussions on our board with their FB pages and connections. Facebook actually increased the number of visitors to our community by 55%. It's true many do not post messages, but the same is true of FB groups. We know, we belong to many of them. Regardless we get at least 200 new messages daily keeping thousands of read only visitors quite busy. We can get the word out to thousands of groomers your first week advertising with us. You are also welcome to submit articles to our magazine editors and possibly be read by thousands! If we publish your article you get a full page display ad too! If you already get an ad as a sponsor we give you a second one in the issue with your article. Does anyone else do this in the grooming industry?

Wait! We are many websites integrated.

Our original site at www.petgroomer.com today is primarily a portal to our many other websites. Our heaviest web traffic is NOT there. We get hundreds of thousands of pageviews monthly but most of them will be in our community and classified ads. With the revisions of 2016 PetGroomer.com will be narrowed down to these sites listed below. If you are measuring our web traffic, please account for all these websites.

Did you know we are also GroomWise℠ blogs, GroomerTALK℠ Radio?

Our blogs are very popular and as a sponsor we can provide one free at some sponsorship levels. In Fall and Winter we host radio talk shows with grooming personalities which may even be sponsors. You can listen to all past shows in an archive, and thousands have. For career seekers we have some the best information about everything grooming, schools and home study with our free Career Start Report at www.petgroomermagazine.com and a major grooming school directory as well.

To see the GroomWise℠ blogs: http://www.groomwise.com

To see GroomerTALK℠ Radio: http://petgroomermagazine.com/fun/talk-radio/groomertalk-radio-archive-and-new-shows/


The PetGroomer.com Classified Ads are incredibly popular since 1997.


Our classifieds website has published over 400,000 help wanted ads at no charge to groomers. No other grooming site has helped to sell over 4,000 mobile conversions or sold over 2,000 grooming businesses. No wonder this website is always busy. There is a category for your product or service, including education like schools and home study, insurance, repairs, sharpening and much more.

We are career seeker specialists strongly supporting schools and home study. Do you sell grooming education?

We offer two of the best Grooming School Directories on the Internet. You can even upgrade your listing with your school brochure and photos. If you have created a YouTube video about you school, we will link to that too. There are no similar school directories like ours. We published the BEST Career Start Report in the industry.


To see the School Directories:

http://www.petgroomer.com/pet_grooming_schools.htm or



To see the PetGroomer.com Career Start Report: http://petgroomermagazine.com/career-start/

There is always something going on at PetGroomer.com and GroomerTALK!

We have many contests every year at PetGroomer.com. Our valued sponsors donate grooming tools and equipment that we award as prizes including Pay It Forward Contests and various drawings. Double K Industries allows us to display their entries in their annual Rags to Riches Photo Contest, the world's largest before and after grooming photo contest. One year we even awarded over $40,000 in grooming school tuition. We keep things happening year round.

We are a huge world online of pet grooming. Let us create and explain an advertising program for you. We use no pushy sales techniques. You choose a budget starting at $1 a day and then we customize all the placements.

Don't try to figure out everywhere your advertising should be at PetGroomer.com. With so many websites it can be daunting. We have been in the grooming industry for 55 years, yes 55 years. We can help. We understand grooming products and services, and out hundreds of thousands of visitors. We can present you with an email proposal with links to see just where your advertising should be. SIMPLE!

Here is our rate card. Why not download it and start there, and let us explain what we can do for you.

Click here to download our rate card starting at just $1 a day.

Stephen, Webmaster 1-800-556-5131 or 360-446-5348  findagroomer@earthlink.net

By requesting banner advertising and making payment for any advertising at PetGroomer.com you express your complete agreement to our banner advertising policies described at www.petgroomer.com/bannerads_policies.htm.


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