#1 Classified Ads

#1 Classified Ads for Pet Groomers


Since 1997 PetGroomer.com Classified Ads have provided over 400,000 help-wanted ads at no charge. Whether you are looking to hire or want people to know about your job search, post your ad at no charge. You can also buy and sell anything grooming. Used grooming product ads are free. Other categories for your ads are affordable. Being online for 25 years, we have tons of traffic. We have sold the most used mobile vans and grooming businesses online to help our fellow industry members.

PetGroomer.com Classified Ads is hosted at a website separate from this one (www.petgroomer.com). Its special features require this setup. You can click here to visit the classified ads website or the banner above.

Remove Your Ad

If you have any type of classified ad that you need to remove, please send a request by email. Be sure to mention your name in the email. To help us locate your help wanted ad be sure to tell us the U.S. state or country where your ad is located and the phone OR email in the ad. Example:

Please remove the help wanted ad placed by Joe Smith in the New York section; the phone (or email) in the ad is _________.

If you have a paid ad such as used mobile or business for sale, we need the name of the person who placed the ad and the type of ad (such as used mobile); again, it helps if you mention a phone or email in the ad. You may also call and/or leave a message at 888-296-6192. or email us at business@petgroomer.com