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AD# B-2022-0105
Well Established and Successful Grooming Salon
Location: Clifton, New Jersey
Price: $125,000
Expires: 11/1/23

AD# B-2022-0099
Mobile Grooming Business with 3 Vans--------
Location: Beautiful Florida
Price: $250,000 for business and vans
Optional home $450,000
Expires: 10/18/23

Grooming Spa in Waterfront Historical Community
Location: Delaware City, Delaware
Price: $70,000
Expires: 9/16/23

AD# B-2022-0087
Established Pet Grooming Salon------------------------------
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Price: $60,000
Expires: 9/2/23

AD# B-2022-0086
Busy Morris County Shop!------------------------------
Location: New Jersey
Price: $35,000
Expires: 8/31/23

AD# B-2022-0084
Grooming Salon in Great Location-----------------
Location: Lincoln Park, New Jersey
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 8/23/23

AD# B-2022-0074
Pet Grooming Salon-------------------------------------
Location: Banner Elk, North Carolina
Price: $110,000
Expires: 7/22/23

AD# B-2022-0069
Pet Grooming Salon-----------------------------------------
Location: Dunedin, Florida
Price: $85,000
Expires: 7/6/23

AD# B-2022-0067
Grooming Shop in Pompton Lakes-------------------------------
Location: New Jersey
Price: $25,000
Expires: 7/1/23

AD# B-2022-0062
Mobile Grooming Business with Trailer--------------
Location: Maryland
Price: $34,000
Expires: 6/20/23

AD# B-2022-0050
Grooming Salon in Union County-----------------------
Location: New Jersey
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 5/15/23

AD# B-2022-0031
Great Area! Established Pet Grooming Salon-------
Location: Springfield, New Jersey
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 3/24/23

AD# B-2022-0023
Success in the Tropics - Established Grooming Business
Location: Florida
Price: $69,000
Expires: 3/4/23

AD# B-2022-0019
Mobile Grooming Business w/2019 Ford Mobile Van
Location: Brevard County, Florida
Price: $130,000
Expires: 2/23/23

AD# B-2022-0020
Dog and Cat Grooming Business--------------------------------
Location: South Florida
Price: $60,000
Expires: 2/23/23

AD# B-2022-0018
Growing Grooming Salon---------------------------------
Location: Miami, Florida
Price: $55,000
Expires: 2/18/23

AD# B-2022-0109
3 Bed 2 Bath Home on 1.5 Acres - Established
Grooming Shop & Bonus Income Property!
Location: Streetsboro, Ohio
Price: $200,000
Expires: 2/15/23

AD# B-2022-0016
Turnkey Mobile Grooming Business and Van------------
Location: South Florida
Price: $200,000
Expires: 2/14/23

AD# B-2022-0011
Pet Groomer with Stellar Reputation---------------------
Location: Bergen County, New Jersey
Price: $59,000
Expires: 2/8/23

AD# B-2022-0012
Grooming Salon / Business----------------------------------------
Location: Suffolk County, New York
Price: $55,000
Expires: 2/8/23

AD# B-2022-0012
Grooming Salon in Heart of the Poconos--------------------
Location: Pennsylvania
Price: $95,000
Expires: 2/8/23

AD# B-2022-0107
South Tampa Grooming Salon-------------------------
Location: Tampa, Florida
Price: $100,000
Expires: 2/4/23

AD# B-2022-0104
Established Grooming Salon----------------------------------
Location: Urbana, Ohio
Price: $8,500 OBO
Expires: 1/27/23

AD# B-2022-0103
Dog Grooming Salon-----------------------------------------
Location: Palmetto Bay, Florida
Price: $45,000 or make offer
Expires: 1/27/23

AD# B-2022-0101
Established Retail / Salon-----------------------------------
Location: North Carolina
Price: $185,000
Expires: 1/26/23

AD# B-2022-0008
Grooming Salon in New Jersey--------------------
Location: New Jersey
Price: $70,000 negotiable
Expires: 1/25/23

AD# B-2022-0009
Dog Salon Established in 1994 - Turnkey-----------
Location: Lake Worth, Florida
Price: $60,000
Expires: 1/25/23

AD# B-2022-0100
Grooming Business------------------------------------------
Location: Marshville, North Carolina
Price: $45,000
Expires: 1/19/23

AD# B-2022-0006
Pet Grooming Salon With Small Retail -----------------
Location: Clifton, New Jersey
Price: $70,000
Expires: 1/15/23

AD# B-2022-0004
Established Turnkey Grooming Business---------
Location: Manhattan, New York
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 1/10/23

AD# B-2021-0139
Pet Grooming Salon--------------------------------------
Location: Clearwater, Florida
Price: $50,000
Expires: 1/8/23

AD# B-2022-0001
Established Grooming Salon-------------------------------
Location: Sayreville, New Jersey
Price: $80,000 OBO
Expires: 1/4/23

AD# B-2022-0094
Busy Dog Grooming Salon-----------------------------------
Location: Midland Park, New Jersey
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 12/27/22

AD# B-2022-0093
Mobile Pet Grooming Business-----------------------------
Location: Florida
Price: $249,000
Expires: 12/26/22

AD# B-2021-0170
Pet Salon / Retail-------------------------------------------
Location: Valrico, Florida
Price: $55,000
Expires: 12/12/22

AD# B-2022-0090
Grooming Shop in SE Florida--------------------------
Location: SE Florida
Price: $15,000
Expires: 12/14/22

AD# B-2022-0089
Bonita Springs (SW Florida) Grooming Business
Location: SW Florida
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 12/14/22

AD# B-2022-0088
Established Pet Grooming Salon---------------------
Location: Seminole, Florida
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 12/11/22

AD# B-2022-0083
Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming Business - 2 Vans
List of 5,000 Clients
Location: Bergen Co., New Jersey
Price: $200,000
Expires: 11/19/22

AD# B-2021-0149
Mobile Dog Fitness Business with 2019
Mercedes Diesel Sprinter Van
Location: Ohio
Price: $65,000
Expires: 10/19/22

AD# B-2022-0073
48 Year Grooming Business---------------
Location: Decatur, Georgia
Price: $ Make Offer
Expires: 10/18/22

AD# B-2021-0146
Beautiful & Efficient Turn Key Upscale
State of the Art Grooming Salon & Daycare
Location: Ballston Spa, New York
Price: $60,000
Expires: 10/11/22

AD# B-2022-0071
High End Grooming Salon-------------------------------------
Location: Ocala, Florida
Price: $80,000
Expires: 10/8/22

AD# B-2022-0070
Established Pet Salon-----------------------------------------
Location: Birch Run, Michigan
Price: $28,000
Expires: 10/8/22

AD# B-2022-0066
Dog Boutique & Grooming Business-----------------
Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Price: $240,000
Expires: 9/30/22

AD# B-2022-0064
Mobile Pet Grooming Business with Vehicle-----
Location: West Georgia Area
Price: $125,000
Expires: 9/29/22