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AD# B-2022-0055
Grooming Salon---------------------------------------------
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Price: $85,000
Expires: 6/1/23

AD# B-2022-0051
Two (2) Mobile Vans & Mobile Business ------------
Location: Wyoming
Price: $90,000 OBO both vans with business
Expires: 5/15/23

AD# B-2022-0036
Established Mobile Grooming Business with Van------
Location: Evergreen, Colorado
Price: $80,000
Expires: 3/25/23

AD# B-2022-0021
Turnkey Mobile Grooming Business w/Truck & Trailer
Location: Alabama
Price: $98,000
Expires: 2/25/23

AD# B-2022-0015
Extremely Profitable Pet Salon----------------------------------
Location: Littleton, Colorado
Price: $198,000
Expires: 2/13/23

AD# B-2021-0165
Established Grooming Business----------------------
Location: Lockport, Illinois
Price: $45,000
Expires: 12/3/22

AD# B-2021-0161
Turnkey Pet Grooming Business in Northern Illinois
Location: Northern Illinois
Price: $67,500
Expires: 11/16/22

AD# B-2022-0065
Grooming Salon---------------------------------------
Location: Montgomery, Texas
Price: $85,000
Expires: 9/29/22

AD# B-2022-0060
Dog Grooming Salon Established 1989 -------------
Location: Wood Dale, Illinois
Price: $75,000
Expires: 9/8/22

AD# B-2022-0054
Extremely Busy Grooming Salon-------------------------------
Location: Huntley, Illinois
Price: $125,000
Expires: 8/28/22

AD# B-2022-0052
Mountain Paradise # 1 Salon - Chance of Lifetime
Location: Taos, New Mexico
Price: $90,000
Expires: 8/26/22

AD# B-2022-0049
Mobile Dog Grooming Business------------------------
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 8/12/22

AD# B-2022-0048
Well Established Grooming Salon------------------------
Location: Middleton, Wisconsin
Price: $30,000 OBO
Expires: 8/12/22

AD# B-2022-0044
Grooming Salon-------------------------------------------
Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas
Price: $35,000
Expires: 8/11/22

AD# B-2022-0046
Grooming Salon---------------------------------------
Location: O'Fallon, Illinois
Price: $30,000
Expires: 8/11/22

AD# B-2021-0107
High End VIP Pet Grooming Salon---------------
Location: Prescott, Arizona
Price: $58,000
Expires: 7/24/22

AD# B-2021-0102
Established Grooming Salon with Building-----
Location: Jefferson, Wisconsin
Price: $98,000
Expires: 7/14/22

AD# B-2021-0098
Mobile Grooming Business-------------------------
Location: Flagstaff, Arizona
Price: $25,000
Expires: 7/10/22

AD# B-2021-0092
Fruitful, Sustainable, Busy Grooming Salon------------
Location: Frankfort, Illinois
Price: $100,000
Expires: 6/30/22

AD# B-2022-0028
Mobile Dog Grooming Business--------------------------
Location: Littleton, Colorado
Price: $25,000
Expires: 6/17/22

AD# B-2021-0076
Turnkey Cat Exclusive Grooming and Boarding
Business with Commercial Property
Location: Boise, Idaho Area
Price: $45,000 for business, $350,000 facility or lease opt
Expires: 5/29/22