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AD# B-2022-0057
Well-Established Grooming Salon-----------------------------
Location: Woodland, Washington State
Price: $75,000
Expires: 6/3/23

AD# B-2021-0036
Very Busy Shop on Very Busy Road--------------------------
Location: El Dorado Hills, California
Price: $45,000
Expires: 3/30/23

AD# B-2021-0169
Established Mobile Grooming Business w/
2019 Wag'n Tails Mercedes Sprinter
Location: Burbank, California
Price: $165,000 biz with van, van only available, see ad
Expires: 12/12/22

AD# B-2021-0163
Very Busy Pet Grooming Salon-------------------
Location: West Covina, California
Price: $250,000
Expires: 11/25/22

AD# B-2021-0156
Dog Grooming Shop in Prime Location----------------
Location: Costa Mesa, California
Price: $65,000
Expires: 10/30/22

AD# B-2021-0145
Established Dog Grooming Salon------------------------
Location: Canyon Country, California
Price: $135,000
Expires: 10/10/22

AD# B-2022-0063
*Retiring* Grooming Salon for Sale------------------------------
Location: Long Beach, California
Price: $50,000
Expires: 9/24/22

AD# B-2021-0138
Established Mobile Business with Dodge Sprinter Van
Location: Santa Barbara, California
Price: $30,000
Expires: 9/15/22

AD# B-2021-0137
Dog Grooming Shop---------------------------------------
Location: Beaumont, California
Price: $70,000
Expires: 9/11/22

AD# B-2022-0052
Busy Main Street Grooming and Retail Business
Location: Duvall, Washington State
Price: $250,000
Expires: 8/28/22

AD# B-2021-0117
Grooming Salon in Beautiful Resort Town--------
Location: Mammoth Lakes, California
Price: $225,000
Expires: 8/12/22

AD# B-2022-0047
Used Mobile Van and Business--------------------------
Location: Reno, Nevada
Price: $55,000
Expires: 8/11/22

AD# B-2022-0045
Grooming Shop Established 18 Years------------------------
Location: Upland, California
Price: $ please contact for price
Expires: 8/11/22

AD# B-2022-0043
Turnkey Grooming Biz in Growing Roseburg, OR
Location: Oregon
Price: $102,000
Expires: 7/28/22

AD# B-2022-0042
Grooming Business in Beautiful Depoe Bay, OR-----------
Location: Oregon
Price: $70,000
Expires: 7/20/22

AD# B-2022-0041
Grooming Business--------------------------------------
Location: Costa Mesa, California
Price: $65,000
Expires: 7/19/22

AD# B-2022-0039
Super Busy Self-Serve and Full-Serve Dog--------
Grooming Business
Location: Southern California
Price: $249,000
Expires: 7/14/22

AD# B-2021-0105
Established Mobile Pet Service in Orange County, CA
Location: California
Price: $140,000 OBO
Expires: 7/14/22

AD# B-2021-0096
Established Mobile Grooming Business in WA State
Location: Bellevue/Kirkland, Washington State
Price: $85,000 trailer/business, trailer only $40,000
Expires: 7/7/22

AD# B-2022-0035
Mobile Grooming Business with Ambers Trailer --------
Location: Southern California
Price: $68,000
Expires: 6/24/22

AD# B-2022-0032
Well Established Southern Oregon Pet Spa--------
Location: Oregon
Price: $60,000
Expires: 6/22/22

AD# B-2021-0077
Large Turnkey Grooming Facility - Huntington Beach
Location: Southern California
Price: $30,000
Expires: 5/30/22

AD# B-2022-0014
Busy Mobile Grooming Business----------------------------------
Location: Fremont, N. California
Price: $199,000
Expires: 5/31/22