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Living Up to a Legacy of Being a Recession-Resistant Industry

Some years ago, our well-known business endured a serious 7-year recession in the Silicon Valley of California. That’s a long time, yet it proves you can earn a living in grooming during recessions. With up to 30 percent of the local computer industry laid off, we still grew our business a little every year. Our clients continued to use professional grooming services. They cut back on other household expenses, not pet grooming. Some pet owners extend the period between grooming appointments when their budgets are tight. To recuperate from the income loss, you simply add more clientele.

Some regions indeed weather downturns better than others. In this report, we are speaking in general for the entire U.S. grooming industry. Fortunately, 2014-6 brought about consistent growth, and it appears 2017 will be decent too. Considering the serious nature of the current recession, the pet industry is again faring well. We suggest you read Annual Industry Reports published annually here at Magazine; see Downloads to read current and past issues.

Endless Shortage of Skilled Labor

Are you feeling jazzed by the possibilities already? How about relief? Perhaps we can still pique your interest further. We’ve posted over 400,000 help wanted ads at Classified Ads since 1997. Look at how many jobs are posted there today. Sometimes groomers are offered jobs in exotic locations such as Hawaii, the Caribbean, Oceania countries, and Europe. We know skilled groomers who have lived in these countries for years, working at grooming businesses along the way. Pet grooming is a viable skill to take with you almost anywhere!

The past shows that many pet groomers entered the pet grooming industry fed up with the roller coaster of traditional employment. Many technological job positions become outmoded but not grooming. Millions of pets will always require grooming, and the tools of our trade do not become outmoded, yet they are always improving and becoming more energy efficient.

In 2016 the U.S. unemployment rate continued to suffer, although it improved, and predictions for the future are slightly better. Demand for groomers remains steady. As a result of this industry’s reputation for chronic shortages of skilled labor, our office telephone is ringing more than ever with inquiries from laid-off workers about grooming careers.

Historically pet grooming has been a secure occupation in most of the United States. However, it’s not only employment opportunities that impress but also opportunities for self-employment. There are exceptionally good prospects for mobile grooming operations and home-based grooming businesses. This report will provide detailed information about these and even more opportunities for self-employment as a pet groomer.

If you were to group 100 pet grooming business owners of staffed operations, each with at least 20 years of experience as an owner, and ask them, “What has been your greatest challenge as a business owner?” we guarantee you that 95% or more would say, “Finding and keeping skilled groomers.”

As a result, thousands of grooming businesses turn away businesses every day because they cannot employ enough skilled groomers. It’s been this way since we entered the industry in 1961. Whenever we got together with other owners, it was the same thing, angst about the lack of skilled groomers. In 55 years, we’ve never seen an industry-wide surplus of groomers.

It seems almost magical, doesn’t it? Just where did this unique industry originate? On the next page, we will groom your knowledge of the origin of pet grooming.

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