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grooming career start report

Career Start Report by PetGroomer.com

Our grooming career start report guides you for a more informed entry into the pet grooming industry. Nowhere else in the industry will you find extensive information for pet grooming career seekers. Since 1997 we have been assisting career seekers, advanced groomers, and stylists. We kept track of hundreds of questions careers asked us and created this report just for you. It is entirely free, thanks to the sponsors of PetGroomer.com, which you see listed on the right side of this page. Please support them.

The PetGroomer.com Grooming Career Start report presented online here is several pages. We also provide you with lists of onsite pet grooming schools and sources for distance learning or home study grooming for your convenience. If you still have questions, and we expect you will, we have another fantastic resource where all career seekers are welcome. Come talk with groomers willing to help and meet other career seekers. Come to the GroomerTALK™ Community. There are well over 500,000 messages, and by signing up, you can post replies and, more important, post questions. Career seekers are welcome! We even have a unique forum called CareerSeekerTALK. Don’t be shy! No question is “dumb.” We built that forum for you. Many of our members love to help career seekers. Enjoy PetGroomer.com and this Career Start report. Check out the schools and home study here, and learn more about jobs here, too, and sources of them, including the PetGroomer.com Classified Ads hosting the world’s largest database of grooming job-related ads and buying and selling anything grooming ads.


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Bowls and bowls of information to chow down. Read the guide page-by-page here. We suggest you read every page. Every career seeker should know this information. Skip pages using the direct links below.

Page 2   Industry Outlook / Foreword / Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Page 3   Living Up to the Legacy of Being a Recession-Resistant Industry / Endless Shortage of Pet Groomers

Page 4   History of Pet Grooming

Page 5   Introduction to the Grooming Industry / PetGroomer.com Surveys

Page 6   Who Are Groomers / Diversity of the Industry

Page 7   Commercial Grooming Versus Show Grooming / Dog, Cat, Exotic & Creative Grooming

Page 8   Job Positions

Page 9   Demands of Pet Grooming / Physical Demands / Get Your Feet Wet First

Page 10 Setting a Career Path / Employment / Self-Employment / Differences Between Employment and Self-Employment

Page 11 Educational Opportunities / Start Your Educational Plan

Page 12 Selecting a Grooming School / Questions to Help You Interview Schools

Page 13 Selecting a Home Study Program / Apprenticeships / Other Training Programs / Build a Library of Grooming Books, DVDs & Streaming / Scholarships and Grants

Page 14 Pet Groomer Wages / Compensation Systems

Page 15 Hourly Wages / Salary Wages / Commission Wages / Origin of Commission Wages / Calculating Commissions / Combining Salary, Hourly and Commission Wages / Commission Wages Aren’t Going Away

Page 16 Annual Wage Projections for Commission Groomers / Employee Benefits / Productivity Factors

Page 17 Independent Contractor Status Confusion / Self-Employment Income / How Your Area Affects Compensation / Pet Groomer Wages Quiz

Page 18 Stages of a Pet Grooming Career / Stage One – Initial Education / Stage Two – Employment or Self-Employment / Stage Three – Continuing Education / Stage Four – Certification by a Professional Grooming Association

Page 19 Outfit a Grooming Business or Career / Download Free Professional Planners / Available Planners / Supplier Resources / Sharpening & Repair Resources / Mobile Grooming Resources / Floor Plans & Design Resources

Page 20 Self-Employment Requirements / Pet Groomers Do Write Business Plans / Introduction to Types of Grooming Businesses / 7 Benefits of Grooming Business Plans / Typical Startup Costs for Grooming Businesses / Pet Grooming Franchises

Page 21 Company Organization, Licenses & Permits

Page 22 Marketing & Advertising / Client Relations

Page 23 Finance & Bookkeeping / Legal & Insurance / Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

Page 24 Future Opportunities / Certification / Competition Grooming / Self-Employment Advancement / Open a School of Pet Grooming / Expand Your Business / Absentee Ownership

Page 25 Buying a Pet Grooming Business / Advantages of Buying a Business

Page 26 Valuing an Existing Business / Non-Groomers Purchasing a Grooming Business

Page 27 Get Involved and Stay Involved / Magazines & Newsletters / Grooming Associations / Calendar of Events / GroomerTALK℠ Community & GroomWise℠ Blogs / Find A Groomer Directory for Pet Owners / PetGroomer.com Classified Ads