Certification for Groomers

Certification for Groomers

Certification by a professional grooming association is not the same as having a certificate issued from a pet grooming school, home study or other training program. The word “certified” can be applied legally to anyone receiving a certificate. What they should be telling you is “who” certified them. If they don’t, ask!

It’s the reputation of the certifier that is everything! A discerning groomer hearing you say, “I am certified,” will ask you, “Who certified you?” You deserve the prestige but it is only as good as the name recognition and reputation of the association certifying you.

There are well-known grooming industry associations that will test and certify your skills once you have had adequate education and experience. You are going to have to study their materials and perhaps attend workshops with them as well before you are tested. Each association creates their own standards and supplementary training and testing which is required for their certification.

When you achieve their certification you have every right to be proud. You clearly went above and beyond the norm because the vast majority of pet groomers are not certified by these associations.

It says a lot about you when you set certification as your personal goal and go the extra distance simply because you want to be a better pet groomer, and you have a solid, well-known association to fall back upon as your proof. Good for you!

Once certified you can usually add a title to your name which usually includes the words “master groomer.” Each association uses a unique certification title. Some will also allow you to use their trademark while you are in good standing with them.

If certification interests you it is something you will need to learn more about. We have “certified master groomers” that may your answer questions by posting them on the GroomerTALK Message Board.

The four most popular certifying associations are:

Intellectual Groomers Assn