GroomerTALK Message Board Upgrade Status

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10/21/2019  The “propagation” process has started, see below. Give it some time as noted below.

10/21/2019  Monday afternoon the new site will be submitted at its new host. DNS changes pointing from the old to the new site will take as little as 4 hours to up to 24 to 36 hours to propagate globally just like all websites that make major DNS changes. We will confirm here later today, and start updating links to it at all websites. Please note that it takes a few days for Google and other search engines that have indexed our site for many years to update all their links, therefore I would not rely on links to specific pages if you use search engine results. Be patient as we cannot get around the propagation time mentioned above. Thanks for your patience. Will update here again later in the day.

10/20/2019  The new site behind-the-scenes is now ready.  Now we are taking the first steps to bring up the site again with our new host. Tomorrow, Monday we will be making the final DNS changes to bring the site up within 24 hours of making those changes. Thanks for your patience.

10/20/2019  Today we are writing notes for all visitors and registered members. While the board operates similarly to the previous versions, registered members get more options. Very much so! Such as adding attachments is now done in multiple ways, and if you upload multiple attachments in the same post, there is way it creates a slide show type galley viewer. Nice! As soon as we finish and post the new information / instructions we will “point” the new board to where you can find us. Remember the “pointing” process can take 2 hours to a full day to propagate across the Internet. We will post here again when that is done, and provide you the link. In the week ahead we will be letting all the search engines know that their links to our site need to be updated. So we are extremely close now, thanks for your patience.

10/19/2019  By late tonight or tomorrow we should be back online.

10/18/2019  We have no problem issues at this point. All we are doing today is “tweaking” all the hundreds of settings and final testing. So we are getting very close.

10/17/2019  OK 2 big “little” issues should be clear soon. We are now on the finishing touches including some new instructions for the few new features. Nothing difficult, but there will be 2 ways to post pictures and one creates a slideshow effect when you upload more than 1 picture. Not hard at all. Extremely little resizing ever needed. So give us up to 48 hours and the board should start to come up again. Feels better to finally get over the hurdle of the conversion process.

10/16/2019  We are moving along. We hope to open soon. We mainly have just one issue with some avatars to resolve. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect to open, we want to open and continue to tweak. But this issue needs to be solved first. Support is assisting.

10/15/2019  Tomorrow MAY be the last day we need before we start the re-opening of the board at least to registered members. We learned a few things about posting pictures. Very important for us to write up the difference between. Both work, both pretty easy, rarely resizing needed. A few small instructions as well and we want those waiting for you when you return. Just a couple minutes of reading. So tomorrow is very important and we will let you know.  

10/14/2019  More progress.  We have to work with programmers today on a couple quirks.  

10/13/2019  More progress. More testing. Some new improvement ideas came up adding a little more work. Most likely board will be up mid-week and by that we mean the Internet changes can take 24 hours to reach everyone, that’s out of our hands. See 10/10/19 message. More updates Monday, tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.  

10/12/2019  We made a lot of progress today. We need another day to do the same. About 75% done now.  

10/11/2019  We estimate 2 more days of tedious settings work at this time! OMG! Then we can point everyone to the “new” board. 

10/10/2019  The most difficult part appears done! Now we need to tweak, quite a bit. We should be open to most members by Monday, October 13, 2019 if all goes well. However, because some of our Internet info has changed, it can take 24 hours for that info to be updated across the whole Internet. If you cannot find the board for some reason then remember all the links to the message on,,, and will also thereafter point to the board after October 13, 2019. Thanks for your patience.

10/10/2019  The substantial upgrade continues. We anticipate earliest return of the message board October 12, 2019. ALL other websites are operating normally.

10/9/2019  The substantial upgrade continues. We anticipate earliest return of the message board October 12, 2019. ALL other websites are operating normally.

10/8/2019  The substantial upgrade is underway. Access to the message board is not available during an upgrade. We ask for your patience and at this time expect the board will be down for about 3 days. More updates will appear here daily. If you follow our tweets we will send out a tweet when the board returns. Thanks. P.S. ALL other websites are operating normally.



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