DBA Doing Business As Fun

As a business owner, your company name is a valuable asset. It’s important that your properly register your business name not only to secure and protect its value, but also to remain compliant with mandatory business name registration laws.

The public has the right to know the owner(s) of every business doing business in names other than the name of the owner(s). Public records state the owner(s) of every business and sometimes their contact information. Which records you need to register for depends upon your local and state commercial codes and other laws. Remember, the laws for registering a business in one state are not always the same as another state. You must become informed of the laws pertaining to the state in which your business will reside!

Typically all states support the premise that the public has the right to know the owner(s) of every business. Nearly all sole-proprietor business owners register their business name as a “DBA” (doing business as) by filing a Fictitious Name Statement (form name may vary by state) with their County Government, that being the county in which the business will reside. Be aware that if you form an organization such as a corporation or limited liability company with the business’ resident state that my override the need to file a Fictitious Name Statement since you are doing this at a state level. Consult legal assistance.

Be aware that mobile grooming businesses doing business in more than their “home” county may have to register in all other counties they serve. A DBA filing may not be necessary in these outside counties, but don’t forget you may have to secure business licenses from them.

Notice: We have gleaned thousands of grooming business names from public records. These are presented for entertainment only. We are not suggesting, implying or recommending that you use any one or more of these names for your business name. In fact, all business names are the property of their legal owners. Consult your attorney to assist you with determining the availability of your business name and measures of name protection available to you. If you do not agree with this Notice in its entirety and our site disclaimer notice, please do not access our lists of business names.