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For security reasons, you cannot personally edit your ad online. Instead, our Webmaster will edit your ad on your behalf.

Send an email to Business@petgroomer.com or contact@petgroomer.com. Please identify your ad, such as an ad number (only used mobile or business-for-sale ads). If your ad is in another category, such as help wanted, identify the U.S. state where the ad is, and mention a phone or email address inside your ad. We also need the name of the person who ordered the ad. For security reasons, we may verify that you are authorized to make changes by contacting you. We do this for your protection.

Cost: Paid ads may be edited two times for 3-month ads and five times for six months plus six more months of free ads. If we make an error in posting your ad, bring it to our attention, and we will edit it at no charge. More frequent ad changes may be assessed at a $5 service fee.

If your ad has no photo(s) and you decide to add one or more photos later, there is a regular fee of $5 per photo. If you replace existing photos in your ad, the $5 per photo fee applies for new photos. Photos must be sent as attachments to an email to Business@petgroomer.com

 with the name of the ad owner.


Please let us know what kind of ad it is. Such as help wanted, used products, business for sale, used mobile, etc. For help wanted ads, please give us the US state or outside US country if applicable.

For security reasons, only our Webmaster can remove ads. Please send us an email requesting the removal of your ad at Business@petgroomer.com.

Please provide the name of the person who placed the ad. To assist us, please provide an email or phone in your ad. If you have more than one ad, please be sure to identify more carefully which one you want removed. For your security, we may contact you to verify the removal. Thank you.

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