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Removing Your Classified Advertising

If you are running a classified ad at the Classified Ads website,  it is easy to request the removal of your ad. Removing a classified ad includes help wanted and job search ads and any categories of ads selling anything. There are no refunds for classified ads removed before their expiration date.

Email: Send an email to Please help us find your ad quickly by telling us the ad category, such as help wanted, business for sale, used mobile, etc. If there is a phone number and/or email in the ad, please give us those too. Also, please provide your full name.

Telephone: You can call 888-296-6192. If you go to voicemail, leave a message with the information requested above for email removals.

Removing Sponsor Banner Advertising

Please contact us by telephone at 888-296-6192. You can send an email to requesting us to contact you about your removal. Thank you.


Avoid Scammers – Classified Ad Sellers Advisory

Individuals in other countries, and rarely in the U.S., will respond to your ads placed on various classified websites about the sale of automobiles (mobile vehicles) and usually large ticket items for sale in used equipment classified ads.


Typically they agree to purchase your vehicle or high-tag item very quickly, sometimes without even a test drive or inspection. They may mention a 3rd party will come to look at it or pick it up to distract you. They send you a realistic-looking cashier’s check or money order in an amount exceeding the agreed-upon purchase price. The seller contacts the buyer concerning the overpayment. The buyer asks the seller to quickly refund the overpayment, usually by Western Union or a similar service.

Unfortunately, counterfeit cashiers’ checks are abundant. Banks typically hold funds while the cashier’s checks are clear and many and worthless. It may be gone forever if you have given up ownership of what you are selling. If you made a refund of the over payment to the seller, it is gone too. This scheme has been around for decades and has not gone away.

Know your buyer, and never take an overpayment. DO NOT DO BUSINESS SOLELY BY EMAIL. Get a phone number for the buyer, call it to verify it, and make sure it is in the U.S. Only then could authorities follow up with assistance. Scammers rarely give out true phone numbers or their locations. Do not rely on them sent by a 3rd party. There likely is no 3rd party because they are outside the U.S. Remember, they do not do business solely by email.

In our experience, the Used Mobile Vehicle category of ads is the most susceptible to this type of scam. Fortunately, the word is out, and rarely do sellers put their email addresses in ads selling vehicles. Fortunately, we know of no one scammed from our Used Vehicle ads. NEVER using an email to sell a used vehicle is our best suggestion. If you put one in your used mobile ad, you will get scam emails.

Though we said “DON’T,” some groomers selling used vehicles have actually faked it and taken possession of fake cashiers’ checks or money orders on purpose without turning over their vehicles to the “new owners.” They took the counterfeit checks to the FBI. Sadly they were told there was little that could be done when the culprits were located outside the U.S. Please don’t risk your safety. You are welcome to forward us an email you get from a potential buyer if you think it is a scam, and we will review it. Better yet, don’t even use email!

Everyone should ask their bank for assistance. Having funds wired into your bank account is the cleanest method for many sellers. The funds are good once your bank says a wire was received in your account. However, never accept overpayments. Reminder, cashier’s checks can take two weeks to clear. Don’t accept payments not drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. funds unless you are located outside the U.S. and your buyer is local to you. If you feel uneasy, get professional help with transactions. We feel this is especially important for the sale of vehicles and businesses. Businesses should definitely use the services of an attorney writing up a contract of sale.