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Barkleigh Productions (print and online)

Barkleigh Products - Trade Shows & Publications

Barkleigh offers the most popular publications as well as trade show events. Their two primary publications are:

  • Groomer to Groomer Magazine (online and print)
  • Pet Boarding & Daycare Magazine (online and print) Magazine (online only)

You are just a click away from Magazine. It’s an online magazine, and free. You can download all current and past issues. For your convenience you can download them HERE at this website, or go to the magazine’s separate site at

Books, Videos, Home Study and Streaming Videos

Grooming books for groomers focus on how-to training or the “business side” of pet grooming including mobile grooming as well as commercial location grooming. Most grooming books expect you to have some knowledge of the basics of grooming tools, equipment and pet handling. Home study books and videos usually provide you with initial basics. Streaming videos today typically assume you know some basic grooming as well. If you are an absolute beginner and not attending on onsite school, learn your basics starting with home study for beginners, and graduate to professional styling books, videos and streaming sources. We can lead you to many of these products.

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