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GroomWise™ blogs offer in-depth information for professional pet groomers and grooming career seekers. You can click here to visit the website anytime and choose a blog to read. Below are some of the most popular blogs we offer. Simply click their banners. All blogs are in responsive format which means not only do they read well on desktop computers, but mobile devices areas well. To see all blogs click here, and below is a list of very popular blogs.

Some of Our Popular Blogs

Read the Grooming Smarter Blog

Debi Hilley has written articles for the GroomTeam USA newsletter, NEPGP newsletter, the Groomer’s Gazette and publishes her own website, Grooming Smarter. Some of the topics she covers include wet clipping, dematting, using snap-on combs and grooming the Cocker Spaniel. Debi has written a book on CD for dematting and another for Teddy Bear head styling. Currently she is writing another groomer book for every day pet grooming styles for use in the salon.

Read the Pet First Aid & Care Blog

Mary Oquendo is a well respected speaker and author within the professional Pet Industry. You can read her column at Groomer To Groomer and Natural awakenings Magazine (Fairfield County edition.)In addition, Mary, along with Daryl Waters Conner, is the author of Holistic Dog Grooming. One of only 11 Certified Master Pet Tech Instructors worldwide, Mary teaches pet first aid nationally, as well as a host of safety, business, holistic grooming, wellness, and feline topics. Mary is on the board for the Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund and is the East Coast Chair of the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America.

Read the Hair of the Dog Blog

Daryl Conner is a certified Petcare Dermatech Specialist, Master Pet Stylist, Meritus and Certified Master Cat Groomer. She serves as Vice President of the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America. She is the recipient of the coveted 2005 Cardinal Crystal award for Journalism and the ’06 and ‘07 award for Congeniality, and the 2013 Barkleigh award for writing. A frequent contributor to grooming industry magazines, pet related websites and blogs, she enjoys sharing hard-won knowledge from 32 years of grooming experience with others. Daryl’s abiding love of animals and passion for her trade radiates out to everyone she touches through her work.

Read Melissa Verplank GroomWise Blog

Melissa Verplank is a Certified Master Stylist with over 30 years experience in the professional pet grooming industry. In 2009, she operated three pet-related companies, a luxury boarding facility called hiskers Resort & Pet Spa and two companies that are involved with educating the professional pet groomer and stylist; The Paragon School of Pet Grooming, Inc. and White Dog Enterprises, Inc as well as her products and services web site In 2010 Melissa expanded her product line, with training to help business owners to “grow your own groomers” and she premiered an extensive, unique streaming video web site for groomers.

Read The Art of Pet Retailing Blog

Leel Michelle is the owner and designer behind the award-winning Pet Groomer Apparel brand, Retro Stylist Wear and the grooming salon and boutique, Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe. She is a San Diego native also calling Los Angeles, New York and Italy home. Formal education in fine art, art history and fashion design led this animal loving entrepreneur to bring all her passion, talents and knowledge together to create a memorable and beloved retro business for pets and their owners. In 2006, following 2 previous careers in corporate retail, and corporate amusement park management, Leel graduated pet grooming school to create and manage an award-winning pet grooming salon and pet boutique. Leel has also grown the Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe brand to include custom luxury kennels and product lines in production to help the average small business groomer and pet retailer increase their business profit margin by improving their pet retail merchandising. Most days you will find Leel Michelle at her shoppe, inspiring other groomers & pet retailers with live Facebook posts on “Pet Boutiques,” with her family, or at a trade show making the world more Fabulous-one smile & smock at a time!

Read Jodi Murphy's GroomWise Blog

Hi everyone. Thank you for visiting my blog page. I have been a four time member of Groom Team USA and ranked one of the top groomers in the country. I am a multiple Best In Show and Best All Around competitor. An International medalist winning a gold and bronze medal in Barcelona, Spain in 2004 and a gold medal in Milan, Italy in 2007 competing among 13 countries of world renown groomers. In 2005 and 2006 I was awarded Best American Groomer. I captured the title of World Grand Champion in the Oster Invitational Tournament of Champions. This tournament was by invitation only. Forty-two competitors from around the world were invited, and I was thrilled to take the Championship title. I am currently a speaker and contest judge traveling nationally and internationally educating groomers here and abroad. I love to educate groomers around the world. I hold seminars, workshops and training sessions for groomers who want to perfect their skills. I am a two time Master Pet Stylist. I am Master Certified with ISCC as well as National Dog Groomers Association of America. I am also a Certifier with National Dog Groomers.I have produced the most complete instructional video series available to help educate new groomers as well as help seasoned groomers perfect their skills. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience and help people perfect their skill. I have published the newest most innovative grooming book in the industry, Dog Grooming Simplified, a must-have educational tool for all groomers. Dog Grooming Simplified was awarded Book of the Year by Barkleigh Honors in 2014! I have manufactured my own line of Grooming Apparel bringing fashion to our industry. My grooming apparel is fitted, slimming and extremely professional made with breathable, lightweight nylon. Be sure to check my website at for my complete product line.

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