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Showcase of Clippers, Blades & Accessories

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Lots of groomers love to talk clippers. Just look at the tool talk at GroomerTALK Community and you will see that clearly. Today clippers are divided between corded and cordless. Leaps in the battery life longevity and power of  lithium-ion batteries have made cordless clippers a reasonable replacement for corded clippers. You will have to decide for yourself. There are many choices and groomers all have their favorites. If we could say one thing to you about clippers it is this, learn how to maintain them. We have many articles in to assist you. Sharpeners often tell us the problems they repair were preventable. Clipper combs arrived a few decades ago and made a tremendous impact in commercial pet grooming. Today nearly all groomers use them and consider them a time saver. There are hundreds if not thousands of conversations about clippers and their accessories at GroomerTALK Community (link below).

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