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High Velocity DryersStand DryersCage Dryers
Metro Air Force Master Blaster HV DryerDouble K Challengair Stand DryerMaster Equipment Blue Force Cage Dryers
Shown: Metro AirForce Master Blaster Dryer MB3Shown: Double K Challengair 850 Stand DryerShown: Master Equipment Blue Force Cage Dryer .33HP

Advances in pet dryers over the last two decades have allowed groomers to become far more productive with their grooming tasks. Originally stand and cage dryers were the standard and they remain essential equipment for most groomers. High velocity (HV) dryers allow groomers to blow off excess water after bathing to speed the drying process with less towel drying. HV dryers dry coats and are effective to blow out loosened undercoat with far less brushing. HV dryers, like other dryer machinery, are noisy and even more so because hose nozzles add air flow noise. It is very important for groomers to learn how to safely operate HV dryers, and to recognize signs of pet distress that may result from their use in isolated cases. Some groomers use protective ear wear while using HV dryers. Housecall (grooming inside of pet owner homes) groomers typically use professional hand dryers which are easier to pack in their traveling grooming kits.

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