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Showcase of Pet Shampoo and Spa

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General Information

The world of shampoo and conditioners for pet grooming is huge. Get groomers together and talking about product is sure to happen. Shampoo is one the most common subjects at GroomerTALK Community (link below). Most groomers use three to five different shampoos and conditioners in order to treat different skin and coat types. If you are a new groomer know it is very important to learn more skin and coat conditions. The extent of that knowledge is not always taught in schools, but it is available in trade sources. In fact, just below we think we have some of the best articles on skin and conditions in Magazine. Also read Groomer to Groomer Magazine, and there are typically excellent sources of knowledge at grooming trade shows. The knowledge is extensive. Spa also includes products related to aromatherapy, and today’s mud bath treatments are opening eyes. Be sure to read GroomerTALK Community about mud treatments as well.

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