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Stainless Steel TubHigh Density Polyethylene TubElectric Lift Tub
Stainless Steel TubHigh Density Polyethlyene TubElectric Lift Tub
Shown: Groomers BestShown: Poly Pet TubsShown: PetEdge Master Equipment

As much as we use grooming tables, we use pet tubs. The difference is tubs vary more. There are groomers that use porcelain and Fiberglas type tubs from home improvement stores. These usually require additional construction of a framework to hold them. Some groomers even use shower inserts and again they usually require some installation. Manufactured grooming tubs are typically standalone requiring only plumbing hookups and easily removed or moved. Many models have ramps to mitigate lifting, and built in splash guards. These factors can make them convenient.

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