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Sponsor Advertising at PetGroomer.com and eMagazine Since 1997

NEW! Platinum Plus Sponsors Guaranteed 25,000 clicks of the GroomerTALK Community announcements, and up to 50,000 clicks for Diamond Sponsors. Here is a sample announcement, not just a banner. That’s right where else can you get a guaranteed of just one feature of your advertising getting 25,000 targeted clicks???? This one has gotten about 94,000 clicks in only 5 MONTHS. Wow! https://www.petgroomerforums.com/chat/announcement.php?f=6&a=106 Each announcement has a counter! You can keep track of your clicks! More info coming. Contact Stephen 800-556-5131 or contact@petgroomer.com for details.

If you are only interested in running a classified ad in the PetGroomer.com Classified Ads web site, please click the link provided and go directly to the Submit an Ad page there. See navigation menu at site. Thank you.


PetGroomer.com is comprehensive with SEVEN WEBSITES. When judging our web traffic please consider the total traffic of all websites.

We are not banner advertising alone. We have a top eMagazine for the industry with 27,000 subscribers, popular community and several grooming websites.Our main site you are viewing is primarily a portal site today. ONLY sponsors can advertise in our magazine! Half page and full page ads can be FREE!

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Due to the many services we provide including an industry information center, classified ads, directories blogs, talk radio and various social media services including the largest grooming community, we had to create multiple web sites. Depending upon your target market of groomers and career seekers, your advertising may be on multiple web sites. Our primary web sites are:

Sponsors get more opportunities working with PetGroomer.com. We have the top blogs in one place, and you can have a free GroomWise™ Blog. You may appear on GroomerTALK Radio. You may request to write an article for PetGroomer.com eMagazine and get free bonus advertising if your article is published.



Here are some basics for sponsor advertising at PetGroomer.com (inclusive name for all our websites).

We offer annual programs customized to your marketing needs starting at $1 a day. If you sell anything pet grooming, services or products, we have a plan for you.

We also have specialized programs for 1) on-site schools of grooming, 2) pet groomer recruitment for small or large chain stores, 3) home study educational vendors and 4) mobile conversion or other mobile-related vendors.

Advertising programs start at just $1 a day. After reviewing our rate card, let us make it easy. We can send you a customized quote to fit your budget. Your written quote will include easy links to see where your advertising would be among our several grooming websites. We also do online conference calls to walk you through as needed. We do work with several agencies for over 19 years. Fees shown are net to us. There is a 6 month minimum advertising period, and no setup fees. We can make basic banners for you although we suggest you use the services of a graphic artist.



PetGroomer.com Portal is primarily that, a portal, guiding traffic to several other web sites interlinked as “PetGroomer.com.” Therefore the portal web traffic is very good but often less than the busy classified ads and GroomerTALK Community web sites. To evaluate our web traffic you must compile statistics from all 6 websites listed above or you will misjudge our web traffic.

Further, you are not buying banner advertising alone. We are also a major online magazine in the pet industry with over 27,000 subscribers. Platinum Plus and Diamond sponsors get FREE display ads in our eMagazine. Did you know that a year’s worth of advertising in our Platinum Plus program costs less than a single one-time half page display ad in other print magazines? You get a YEAR of presence, not one pulse.

Typically our web traffic averages around 500,000 page impressions a month. Remember this is a pet grooming world at PetGroomer.com. If you are targeting pet groomers and possibly career seekers, this is your targeted market.

Also you can interact with our visitors by hosting your blog with us, or coming on a talk radio show with us. You can write articles for our magazine. The doors are open to sponsors. Make the most of it!


We can make it easy to get started. If you are new to PetGroomer.com request a quote and arrange a friendly, not pushy sales call with us, to explain what we can devise to promote your service and products within your budget. Space is limited. Yes we occasionally have to turn away sponsors from the popular Diamond and Platinum Plus Levels, at least temporarily.

Email Stephen: contact@petgroomer.com

Telephone: 800-556-5131 or outside U.S. 360-446-5348 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm Pacific