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Buyers beware those that want to send you funds (maybe overpay and ask for refund of the difference) and/or have someone else pick it up. Contact us if you are uncertain. We suggest you print and keep a copy of the ads where you purchase.


Sellers beware. Even cashier checks can bounce and be faked. Be especially careful if you go ahead and take a check and they overpay OR involve a 3rd party coming by to get product. They may ask for a refund of the overpayment BEFORE the check bounces!! We encourage you to not accept personal or cashiers checks. Color printers can be easily fake checks today. This scheme can operate even from buyers in the USA, although it is more common with outside USA buyers (who may lie and say they are in USA). Get a telephone number of the buyer, more outside USA scammers won’t give you one. That’s a warning. If you get a number call them and verify it is there and their phone, that could help, yet, this does not mean checks won’t bounce, even bank checks that appear real but are not.


Fortunately if you have a Paypal account, you MAY get BUYER PROTECTION by making your payment to sellers via Paypal. Always check first before making a payment to ensure that Paypal buyer protection applies to your intended purchase, there are limitations and conditions which apply. It is our understanding to get Paypal Purchase Protection you must have the seller send you an invoice which will be reviewed by Paypal if you file a claim. It can be a Paypal online invoice from the sellers Paypal account, or an invoice created by the seller otherwise. This requirement is subject to change, verify Purchase Protection requirements with the Paypal site. In over 20 years we have only had reports of 8 scam incidents out of thousands! Do report your incident to us, we will do all we can to ensure the seller does not advertise again here. There are other payment services other than Paypal which may offer buyer protection.

Used Clipper Vac Tote – AR

Clipper Vac Tote – Now downsizing and don’t need it. Works fine. Located in Brookland, AR. Askng $600 please. 870-212-1702   12/22/22

Shelandy Electric Table – AR

I have 2 of these for sale. They have the overhead bar included. $450 each or $800 for both. Located in Brookland, AR. Or 970-212-1702.   12/22/22

New Clipper Vac Mini – CT

Out of box new with all accessories including attachments for Andis and Laube Litening. Purchased for new hires, by the time it arrived no longer required it. Never used, asking $1,350 (you pay shipping). Located in Connecticut. Contact   12/13/22

M.D.C Romani Clipper Vac – AR

Jamie Price 1-501-920-6924
Clipper Vac for sell has new motor and new parts in good condition asking &1,000
Romani Clipper Vac   12/10/22