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Where to Buy Grooming Products

There are several major grooming supplies companies in the U.S. They carry thousands of products and usually at competitive prices. Many offer free or low cost shipping with minimum order amounts. They may have most products, but not all product brands and models. Be prepared to shop around for some specialty product lines.

The PetGroomer.com Classified Ads has several categories of products with links to their vendors. If you click the banner above it will take you to the classifieds category, “Suppliers.” Start there and get to know some of the most popular grooming supplies companies. While you are there look at the other categories for manufacturers of many types of grooming products that sell direct to groomers, and not necessarily through grooming supply catalog companies online, and in print. These categories include grooming apparel, shampoo and spa, odor control, tools and equipment.

Lots of Shopping? Use Our Shopping LIst Organizer Forms

Our Outfit a Grooming Business planners make shopping easier. They are simple fill-in sheets you can download free. Fill them in and you have a detailed shopping list ready to shop.  If you have lots of shopping for new or expanding businesses, they are essential to make it easy. Click here for your planners.

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